Are Your Children Afraid of The Dark? Force Field™ Cloaks Save The Night.


Remember when we were kids, and afraid of the dark because we thought there were monsters under the bed or in the closet? We would hide under our blankets because we believed our blankets had the power to protect us from whatever we were afraid of. Millions of Children worldwide experience that fear every year, and parents struggle for a solution

Finally, something that children understand and works based on how they think. Terry Sachetti, inventor, has revolutionized how to deal with children’s fear of the dark with Force Field Cloaks that are undoubtedly the best thing since the nightlight. The Force Field™ has been tested on thousands of kids, and the first thing they all say when the lights go out is “WOW!” , followed quickly by “I want one”.

How The Force Field Cloak Idea Came About.

Just like every other child, Sachetti remembers his own nighttime fears as a kid. “I remember when I was young and afraid of the dark. I would lie in my bed at night, and my imagination would start getting the best of me. I would start thinking that someone or something was going to grab my foot that was hanging over the side of the bed. When that happened, I would put my foot back under my blanket where I knew I was safe. Nothing could get me under my blanket. No boogieman, no alien, no monsters under my bed, nothing. Sound familiar? We all did that, remember?”

Sachetti has four sons who also went through the same thing. He tried to tell them there was no such thing as monsters under the bed. However, Sachetti said that went over like a lead balloon. They would either hide under their blanket, or end up between him and Mom.

“That’s when I got the idea to make something that looked like, what we had already given our blankets the power to do,” Sachetti said. “I came up with the idea of a Force Field Cloak. Everyone knows that a Force Field is the ultimate protection shield. Now, children can have their very own Force Field, to protect them from their fears.”

Force Field™ Cloaks Defeats Children's Fear Of The Dark

Force Field™ Cloaks Defeats Children’s Fear Of The Dark


These Force Fields have a special glow in the dark pattern that glows brighter than a nightlight and looks so energized that no one can deny the cloak’s power to protect us. “I created the Force Field Cloak so you can use it any way you like,” he said. Put it on your bed, wear it as a cloak, or even place it on an object that you feel needs Force Field™ protection. Imagine using the cloak for that dreaded trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night, where children undoubtedly see every monster imaginable along the way.

The Force Field is a glow-in-the-dark protective shield that is used as a cloak or whatever a child’s imagination can think of. They come in five different colors with five glow-in-the-dark designs and different glow colors that appear like a Sci-Fi-inspired deflector shield hovering over the bed. The Force Field Cloak uses a very high grade, specially formulated glow in the dark ink that is organic and non-toxic and is 100% child safe. That will make Mom’s happy. It will glow for over 8 hours. Because of the very special glow ink, to energize this powerful protective shield, takes about 20 minutes to charge up under a bright light. You can super charge the Force Field™ by either Black Light or Sun Light within a minute. The longer you charge it, the brighter it glows. Cold water wash, air tumble dry, no iron, no bleach and it will last years. It is made out of quality sweatshirt material with fleece on the backside for comfort. Each Force Field is 54″ x 40″ to fit practically the full surface area of a Twin size mattress and wear as a protective cloak. The suggested retail price of the Force Field is $39.95. Force Field is the ultimate protection that defeats nighttime fears. It is not just a product, it is the solution. “Sachetti stated that there is a story and fantastic characters that will soon follow along multiple new Force Fields. The first will be the Ebes. Ebes are the weavers of the Force Field and they have come to earth to help the earth children fight the Forces of Fear by weaving them their very own personal Force Fields.

Ebes: Weavers of The Force Fields

New to planet Earth, Ebes the weavers of the Force Fields

A Money Back Guarantee! The Glow Company executives Aaron Bible CEO and Terry Sachetti inventor & CEO are providing a full, money-back guarantee that no harm will come to your child from aliens or monsters while cloaked with a Force Field. Force Field™ (Patent Pending) and is a registered Trademark.

More detailed information about the Force Field, its story, and its endeavors to fight monsters can be found on the campaign, to be launched on Sept 6th, 2017. A limited supply of 25,000 Force Fields can be pre-ordered for Christmas delivery. Based on what we are hearing they will sell out fast. 

No More Fear of The Dark. Force Field Cloaks Save The NIght.

Children Afraid of The Dark Love Force Field Cloaks

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