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The Glow Company focuses on inventing innovative children products.

Remember when we were kids, and afraid of the dark, unable to fall asleep for fear of monsters under the bed or in the closet? We would hide under our blankets because we believed they had the power to protect us. Millions of Children worldwide experience that fear of the dark every year, and parents struggle for a solution. The Force Field™ Cloak helps children feel safe, eliminating the fear of the dark and allowing them to get a good night’s rest.

Force Field Cloaks are just the beginning of a large line of protective Force Field products, characters and stories. Unlike other products, the Force Field line is a whole story concept that works based on how the child thinks. Children will now have their very own high-tech protection system that will put their minds at ease and have a ton of fun at the same time. The story and characters were designed to deal with all kinds of night time fears.

Meet Our Team

Terry Sachetti & Aaron Bible are committed to bringing the most innovative, high quality children’s products that will inspire imagination and education. Their initial goal is to alleviate the distress that fear of the dark creates on families through the concept of the Force Field line. 

Aaron Bible

Aaron Bible


 I have been actively involved with startup companies for the last 10 years.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from Augsburg. After completing my MBA from the University of St. Thomas, I became a key member of a team that developed a children’s product, achieving more than $100 million in sales.  Terry and I met several years ago and upon learning about his invention of the Force Field, we decided to partner together to bring Force Field to the market.  I have little sisters who are afraid of the dark and after giving them a Force Field, I saw how they carried it everywhere, also allowing them to sleep soundly at night. I’m confident that sharing Force Field with children and families will be the solution to fear of the dark. 

Terry Scahetti

Terry Scahetti

Founder & CEO

I have been an Entrepreneur and Inventor for over forty years. I received my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and Security/Business, with Associate’s Degrees in Psychology and Political Science. I have spent the majority of my career helping startup companies, as well as running several companies of my own. Being a father of four sons, and a grandfather of six, I feel that my greatest accomplishment is my invention the Force Field and its unique story associated with fear of the dark. I believe this is a real breakthrough to finally help so many children. If there was ever a void in the market place that needed to be filled for children and parents, this is it. The beauty of this concept is that it is based on how children think. Each child can now have their very own person Force Field to protect them from whatever their particular scary is.

Product Story

Terry Sachetti raised four sons and saw children and parents regularly dealing with the problem of fear of the dark. Many families turned to the use of a nightlight for their children, never addressing the psychology behind how a child thinks and deals with fear.



As a child, Terry went through that stage of being afraid of the dark. Like everyone else, he would hide under his blanket and felt completely safe there. As an adult, he came to the realization, after having kids who also experienced this same fear, that the blanket was much more than a blanket in the mind of a child. 


He began to remember when he hid under his blanket that he truly believed no monsters or boogie-men could hurt him. Why? Because he gave his blanket the ultimate imaginary power to protect him from the monsters that were all too real in his adolescent mind. 



 That is when the lightbulb turned on inside his head. “What if I made a blanket looked like it did, what we already gave it the power to do.” Then he wondered what would that look like? That is when he thought of the idea of Force Field.  Force Fields are everywhere and not only in a child’s universe: movies, books, cartoons, you name it.  Knowing that force fields have had the power to protect some of your favorite childhood heroes, a Force Field will also work to protect a child from their bedtime fears.




Terry created a fun but high-tech Force Field design and developed a special glow in the dark ink the exudes power when the lights go out. It’s like having a Force Field hovering over your bed. Talk about the WOW factor. Tested on thousands of children the reaction was the same every time, “WOW” and where can I get one.




To top it off, Terry wrote a story to explain how the Force Field Cloaks arrived on Earth. The characters are all designed to help children deal with their fears. The story, Guardians of The Night & Forces of Fear, deals with several of the most common fears children have and how they can gain valuable skills to cope with them based on how they think. The bottom line is that Force Field is not just some cute one-time product but a whole continuity program line that children will love and save parents a lot of heartaches.




Terry Sachetti met Aaron Bible who fell in love with the whole concept. Aaron, who worked for a company that had a track record of placing various products in large retailers, said “I’m in Terry” and that was that. The Glow Company was formed and now the adventure begins to bring a solution to millions of children who experience being afraid of the dark. Force Field is not just a product it is the ultimate solution. Aaron will be coordinating sales nationally and internationally. Terry will continue to create and to expand the Force Field continuity program.

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