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Children’s Fear of The Dark Finally Defeated!!

Force Field™ Cloaks

Five Awesome Designs


Fear Of The Dark Becomes Fun In The Dark

Force Field™ Cloaks

Make Fun Designs With A Flashlight Or Stencils

The Glow Company Presents


Remember when we were kids, and afraid of the dark, unable to fall asleep for fear of monsters under the bed or in the closet? We would hide under our blankets because we believed they had the power to protect us. Millions of Children worldwide experience that fear of the dark every night, and parents struggle for a solution. The Force Field™ Cloak helps children feel safe, eliminating the fear of the dark and allowing them to get a good night’s rest.


The Glow Company focuses on inventing innovative children’s products. After becoming a sensation by surpassing its goal of $25,000, by 967% resulting in $241,681 in pre-orders, all within the first month of sales. They launched an Indiegogo InDemand campaign that will allow customers to continue to pre-order the Force Field™ Cloaks. View our product and experience Force Field for yourself as you watch our informational video.

5 Powerful Force Field Designs

Children’s Fear of The Dark Finally Defeated
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Force Field Cloak Blue Honeycomb

Force Field Cloak Orange Spiral

Force Field Cloak Blue Star

Force Field Cloak Hot Pink Flower

Force Field Cloak Green Grid

Kids Wearing Their Force Field Cloaks

Collect all five Force Fields like the children featured in this photo. Force Field Cloaks solved their fear of the dark AND the kids are having fun while wearing them!


New Force Field™ Defeats Children’s Fear of The Dark!!

Children’s Fear of The Dark Finally Defeated!! Parents around the world have struggled on what to do when their children go through that phase of being afraid of the dark. Telling them that monsters under the bed are not real falls on deaf ears - to them, the fear is...

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Force Field Cloak

Force Field Cloak

Force Field Cloak

Force Field Cloak

Force Field Cloak


Terry Sachetti
Inventor CEO


Urgent: The Forces of Fear are on planet Earth and have become quite efficient in making bedtime, dark rooms, storms, and darkness a frightening experience, something unsettling, weakening the inner peace of millions of children on Earth.


Fear, fueled by the Forces of Fear, can do so much to inhibit the potential of an individual, a community, a civilization, or even a planet. It is just like when the Forces of Fear destroyed the great civilization on the red planet, many millennia ago.


Urgent help is requested as the damage here is great. Send the Guardians of The Night, send The Ebes to make Force Fields for the Earth Children, send Queen Tara NOW. “Halley Jr. over and out”.