Guardians of The Night & The Forces of Fear


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The Battle For Earth Begins


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Guardians of The Night


Guardians of The Night:  An elite intergalactic force field tactical team that battles the Forces of Fear wherever they can be detected in any galaxy or solar system. The team is made up of specialist from various solar systems of the galaxy Quaytar.


Quaytar is made up of thousands of inhabited solar systems; Life Force of all that is good, protector of the inner light and origin of the Force Field a specialized Deflector Shield and the home of the Guardians of The Night.


A gigantic impenetrable Force Field, of various configurations, encompasses the total Quaytarian Galaxy maintained by trillions of various species of Ebes. Within the Quaytar Galaxy is the three-Sun, four-Moon planet called TriStar-4. It is the base for the TriStar-4 Cosmic Intelligence Alliance Q19.







Weavers of The Force Fields


Ebes: Ebes are the weavers of the Force Field. The galaxy Quaytar has trillions upon trillions of various species of Ebes, tiny creatures varying in size, made up of pure Force Field essence and special powers, based on their species, tribes, and design specialties, that weave and maintain the great Quaytarian Force Field. Ebes follow the ancient ones. Ancient Ones are the eight ancient Ebes, one from each of the eight-original species that hold the wisdom & secrets of all that can be known and unknown and are Queen Tara’s council.


 On this mission, for now, the ancient ones have stayed behind.  But right now, seven Ebes from Tri-Star-4 come to earth, at the request of Queen Tara to weave Force Fields for the earth children, which has been under attack by the Forces of Fear for well over three millennia now. Ebes speak fast, but not too fast, in an almost musical high-pitched vibrato voice. Each one has a different tone. Sometimes when they all talk fast, to each other, it sounds like music.


 Some are distant cousins to the Chinese silkworms. They have secret powers and know the secret of Queen Tara. On the body and head where the fur does not appear, their body glows exactly like the energy from the Force Fields they weave. Each Ebe on their chest has the symbol of what force field design they specialize in or species they belong to. When they weave a force field they leave behind a funny feeling layer of pure force field energy that glows brilliantly in the dark.


Unlike the eight ancient ones, regular Ebes cannot travel back and forth from one galaxy to another. So, if they are chosen for a mission, whatever planet they end up on they need the inhabitants to adopt them and give them homes and local names. They need earth names because Ebes names are a musical sound and cannot be put into words. Once named and adopted, they will be your loyal protector forever.

The Forces of Fear

Forces of Fear:   A special Task Force of Fear from Destron in the evil galaxy of Zirideon, that searches out new worlds to attack by undermining the minds of new generations (children) by disinformation and instilling deep subconscious insecurities by fear tactics which breaks down their strength and inner force. They are most commonly sensed by earth children at bedtime as various fears of the dark. 

There are different Forces of Fear teams based on the species they are attacking. The Forces of Fear that are on earth specialize in humanoids.








The Forces of Fear




The Battle For Earth




By Terrance W Sachetti



Prelude Teaser


Be Ready To Be Mesmerized.




The time is now. Guardians of The Night have just arrived on Earth. Their orders from Tri-Star-4 Galactic Intelligence were to search out the Forces of Fear from Destron and neutralize their operation.


It has been discovered by the Comet Kids, Halley Jr., and Half Watt, that the Forces of Fear have been on the human colony Earth for a long time. So long that the Forces of Fear effect is pretty much universal around the globe. How the Comet Kids missed this since they have been in the Milky Way quadrant since 1986 is a whole other story. The Forces of Fear mission has been to induce fear in the humans; especially the children at a young age so the insecurity carries on into adult life. They would prey on the young ones at night in their bedrooms, where their imaginations run wild, by making them believe that scary creatures lurked in the shadows.  Their favorite was to make them think monsters were under their beds, or in their closets, just waiting for a foot or hand to slip over the edge of the bed to be grabbed and pulled down into an unthinkable horror. They would make shadows appear to move or take on terrifying shapes. Then there is always the creeks or bumps in the night; sure sign something evil could be lurking.


The Forces of Fear were well equipped and found great pleasure worldwide in attacking the earth children. It was easy for them because the earth children had no Force Fields to protect them, at least up to now. They had become quite efficient in making bedtime, dark rooms, and darkness itself a terrifying experience. Slowly they were weakening the strength of the inner force of countless millions of children. And as the children grew older their abilities to deal with emotions and logic were compromised, and dysfunction spread throughout the world.




The Guardians of The Night would do their best to track down and neutralize the Forces of Fear. But they were given a second directive. It was to arm the earth children with their very own Force Fields of all kinds, so they would be able to protect themselves from the Forces of Fear. It has been done before in other galaxies, but Earth will be the first in its quadrant. The strategy is for the Guardians to start by searching out special young Earthling children to form an allegiance with. These children will be shown the ways and powers of the Force. Millions of Force Fields must be produced and spread throughout the Earth. Every Force Field that is taken charge of by a child, must be licensed and that child becomes automatically a member of the TriStar-4 Q19 Earth Alliance. Only then, will they be able to obtain the Quaytarian Intelligence Reports? The more Force Fields that are put into action on earth, the larger the Earth Alliance grows and the stronger the power of the Force becomes. When enough Force Fields are on Earth, to a saturation point, a giant Force Field will engulf and surround the Earth with a super-giant Force Field impenetrable to all that is evil. You see each Force Field is actually one power cell of a much larger whole. But this will take much time to accomplish.


Since the Guardians of The Night second task force team has been delayed, Commander J. Pillion is shorthanded and has no choice but to not send off the Comet Kids back on patrol, but rather have them stay and work on directive two. This will give the Guardians of The Night on Earth more time towards fighting the Forces of Fear.








Time has not known the forces of evil and good not battling somewhere, somehow.


The Galaxy Ziridion, Life Force of all that is evil and would-be destroyer and enemy of the Light Force, Home of the Black Star, and Planet Destron and Interstellar headquarters of the Forces of Fear. The Forces of Fear mission for a long time now has been to create fear in the children of earth, particularly in the dark and to prevent the power of the Force to grow strong.


The Galaxy Quaytar, Life Force of all that is good, protector of the Light (Force), and origin of the Force Fields, home of the TriStar-4 Cosmic Intelligence Alliance and based on Tri-Star 4. The TriStar-4 C.I.A Q19 directive is to rid the Earth of the Forces of Fear by supplying Earth children with force fields and protecting them until there are so many Force Field power cells that a giant impenetrable Force Field encompasses the Earth, and the Forces of Fear leave never to return.